*What happens in a group surfing lesson?

At the start we get everyone to apply sunscreen and put on one of our wet suits. Then we conduct a group safety talk covering topics such as rips, sweeps, wave types, different types of beaches, and general personal safety with regard to your surfboard and other surfers . After that we hit the beach with our boards and do some stretches and warm-ups. Then it’s time for us to demonstrate the skills required to catch a wave and stand up. After our demonstration you will practice what we’ve shown you on the beach with our coaches giving you feedback and once we’re happy with your form it’s time to hit the waves. In the water our coaches will help you on to waves whilst giving you tips and feedback as you go.


*How old do my kids need to be before they can participate in the program?

5 year old kids are the youngest that we teach and the surf conditions need to be good with light winds and small waves so they have a positive experience. Parents with kids under the age of 8 are required to accompany their children in the surf for all water components of the lessons for support. If it’s windy and the swell is biggish we recommend that smaller kids learn to surf on another day when the conditions are more suitable. Remember you are never too old to start learning to surf.


*How long do the lessons run for and at what time of the day do they begin?

Our lessons run for roughly two hours and they are scheduled around the tides which means the lesson starting times vary from day to day. Please confirm your lesson starting time/s when booking by phone or e-mail. And please remember to be there 15 minute before the lesson begins.

*Where do we meet?

Refer to the where to meet page which has a map for each of the venues that we conduct lessons at. And please remember to be there 15 minute before the lesson begins.


*Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes you need to be able to swim 50metres but, we do have people learning to surf that aren’t strong swimmers. Our lessons are in waist to chest depth water for this reason. This means the bigger people usually go out further and little people stay in closer to the shore.


*What do I need to bring?

Bring a towel, baths, and a warm set of clothes, a drink bottle, and a hat if it’s hot and apply some sunscreen half an hour before you come


*Do you run lessons all year round?

Yes we do!!!!


*Is learning to surf safe?

We take pride in making your learn to surf experience as safe as possible. There are inherit risks involved when learning to surf but our programs are structured helping you to gain the knowledge and skills required to minimise the risk of accidents. All of our Coaches are level 1 surfing Australia accredited coaches and trained surf lifesavers. We use the safest equipment available, soft foam boards, and we give you a wet suit to protect you from the elements. We always have a first aid kit and mobile phone on the beach for every lesson in case of an emergency.


* How fit do I need to be?

You don’t need to be all that fit! All our classes for beginners are taught in waist to chest deep water, so there is no need to paddle out the back of the waves if you don’t think your fitness is up to it. If you get hooked on surfing we recommend that you get as surf fit as possible so you can surf your best and in turn have the most fun.


*What qualifications do your coaches / instructors have ?

Our friendly staff are Level 1 Surfing Australia qualified coaches, all having a broad knowledge of surfing and this coastline, they all have up to date Surf Rescue Certificates and First Aid qualifications.


*Do you have insurance?

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance which covers all our activities.